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What is Jewish Universalism?

'Jewish Universalism- a new Jewish movement- comprised of progressively minded Rabbis and their communities wherein all are welcome to belong, participate, and nurture the greater good without any obstacles, requirements or strings- just compassion and love for all of humankind through the lens of Judaism.'

7 Doctrines of Jewish Universalism

  • JU is founded on the core statement “Hear oh Israel (and Humankind), the Lord is G-d, the Lord is One.”

  • JU believes the Torah is divinely inspired and is Holy.

  • JU believes all paths to the divine are equally Holy and that one’s religion is not the sole and exclusive source of truth.

  • JU believes Judaism is a constantly evolving spiritual practice.

  • JU asserts that all people who follow the dictate to love your neighbor as yourself are “chosen.”

  • JU embraces Interfaith Families and unconditionally welcomes all people to participate in our Jewish worship and rituals.

  • JU honors our Jewish rituals, traditions, teachings and texts and seeks to repair the world, Tikkun Olam, through acts of loving kindness, G’milut Hasadim.

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